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Outpatient Surgical Procedures

Cataract Surgery
Over the last 20 years our surgeons continue to provide fabulous results on a consistent basis. Our cataract procedures allow for no stitch, no patch, clear corneal cataract surgery in almost every case. Cases performed in an outpatient setting, with minimal recovery time.

Glaucoma Therapy
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty is a modern treatment of chronic open angle Glaucoma. It is a painless procedure that takes several minutes to perform and often eliminates or reduces the need for drops for years. Other laser procedures and surgical treatments are available for more serious forms of Glaucoma.

Advanced Macular Degeneration Therapy (Lucentis / Avastin)
Revolutionary new medicines are restoring sight to AMD patients across the globe. We offer the finest therapeutic procedures, which represent the most current therapy, to our patients living with Macular Degeneration.

Cosmetic and Therapeutic Plastic Surgery, including Muscle and Lid
From medical correction of skin and muscle problems to cosmetic enhancement, our physicians have performed thousands of successful cases with great care and attention to detail. We pre-certify with your insurance to make certain you will be covered for medical reasons.

Refractive Eye Surgery
There are many options for restoring clear vision. Our experienced surgeons can help you decide which of the many types of corrective procedures is most appropriate to your lifestyle needs. A thoughtful and conservative approach, with attention to your long term vision excellence is our utmost concern.

Muscle / Strabismus Surgery (Crossed Eyes)
Misalignment of the eyes is often associated with poor eyesight in childhood and double vision following medical illnesses. We have corrected hundreds of patients with excellent results and improved vision. Modern techniques and many years of surgical experience return excellent results.

Botox Injections
The medical and therapeutic use of Botox for hemi-facial spasm, torticollis, and blepharospasm greatly improves the symptoms associated with these disabling diseases.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
Advances in Diabetic Retinopathy treatment are rapidly evolving. Traditional laser treatments are used in conjunction with systemic and local medical therapy to prevent vision loss.

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