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The Verre Eye Clinic strives to provide the most comprehensive eye care and disease management in modern medicine. State of the art testing and diagnostic equipment is available on site. Our skilled and compassionate medical staff will guide the exam process so that your visits are comfortable and thorough.

Eye Examinations

From routine yearly eye exams to the management of chronic eye diseases, including Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Diabetes and many other diseases, we strive to give you the most informative and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Routine eye exams involve a comprehensive look at the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Complete refractions, anterior segment slit lamp examinations, Glaucoma pressure evaluation, and complete posterior retina exam comprise the elements essential to a maintaining healthy vision.

How often should you have a routine eye examination? Children should have their first examination, including a measurement of vision, before they begin kindergarten. If caught early, vision loss can be prevented in children. Vision can rapidly change between the ages of 5 and 18. Parents with glasses should have their children evaluated for near sightedness, since it is a hereditary. Adults should consider having an eye exam every two years beginning at age 40, and at least once a year after age 50.

Need new glasses or contact prescriptions? Verre Eye Clinic offers a wide selection of classic and designer frames with experienced certified opticians who carefully measure and fit the proper glasses for your needs. Expert contact lens fitting, training, and instruction is essential for maintaining healthy eyes. Our staff is dedicated to getting just the right lens fit for comfortable daily wear.

Specialty Contact Lens Fittings Keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, and other ocular disorders require unique contact lens fitting to provide good vision. Our optometrist specializes in difficult contact lens fits and custom lenses, and brings many years of clinical experience into the practice.

Specialty Testing Equipment

Optical Coherence Tomography
This office based advancement in diagnostic testing scans uses interferometry to allow our physicians to measure and monitor diseases that affect the optic nerve fibers and retina. OCT scans are quick, painless, and accurate.

Yttrium Aluminum Garnate (YAG) Laser
From therapeutic SLT treatment of Glaucoma, which often eliminates the need for drops, to the prevention/emergency treatment of severe Glaucoma attacks, this advanced surgical technology is always ready on site. Post cataract surgery treatment to improve vision is available as well.

Visual Field Testing
Central and peripheral fields of vision can be measured accurately using time tested Zeiss-Humphrey equipment on site. This testing is important in the evaluation of neurological diseases and Glaucoma.

Fundus Photography
This particular instrument will take a high-resolution digital image of the back of the eye. Whether necessary for documentation, or diagnosis of a condition you will not have to travel for this exam.

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